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LED Ceilencio

Incorporating LED lighting into a Ceilencio ceiling has never been easier. Utilizing JLC Tech’s LED light fixtures, Decoustics has incorporated standard LED lights into the Ceilencio suspension system. The lighting can be installed in any direction the grid runs, including radially. The integration of LED light fixtures into Decoustics' Ceilencio grid does not impede the downward accessibility of the ceiling panels. A proprietary clipping system allows the LED light fixtures to be installed quickly, easily, and separately from the installation of the ceiling grid and panels. This has the advantage of total flexibility between trades during the installation process.

  • JLC Tech’s LED lights can save up to 50% on energy costs verses conventional lighting. The need to relamp is reduced, saving money on maintenance.
  • LED lights do not flicker like fluorescent lights, they provide a pure natural light. There is also no burn out at the end of their life cycle.
  • The slim profile of the LED lights provides a uniform, contemporary and sleek design.
  • Available in different light color temperatures (K Colors)
  • LED Ceilencio® allows architects and designers the freedom to incorporate integrated lighting in various patterns and directions within their ceiling designs.
  • LED lights do not contain mercury and are easily recycled keeping harmful toxic chemicals and excessive waste out of our landfills and water.
  • LED lights are available in standard two foot and four foot lengths. Custom lengths are available.
LED Lights are supplied by JLC-Tech. For more information visit

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