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Add the warmth of wood with Decoustics’ Fori natural wood veneered acoustic ceiling and wall panels.  Fori is designed to provide the aesthetics of a solid wood panel with the acoustic properties of a perforated panel. When viewed from a distance, the mini perforations virtually disappear, giving the appearance of a monolithic wood ceiling or wall installation.

Customizable to Fit Your Project Design
Fori mini perforated acoustic wood ceiling and wall panels are available in a variety of natural wood veneers, custom stains or paint finishes. Manufactured to custom sizes with the option of unique shapes, Fori panels can be designed to complement any space. For added flexibility in your design, Fori panels can integrate into most of Decoustics' ceiling suspension systems, including Decoustics' 100% downwardly accessible Ceilencio® system.

Fori panels are manufactured from no-added formaldehyde MDF material. Perforations are a nominal 1/16” (1.6mm) and spaced 5/16" (8mm) apart.

Fully-engineered product. No field modifications are required. Engineered to custom sizes up to 4’ x 10’ (1240mm x 3050mm) and can be curved to an outside radius of approximately 32” (800mm). 

Class A flame spread when tested to ASTM E84 standard

NRC values of 0.70 when tested alone in an E400 mounting. Higher NRC values are achievable when acoustical infill is used.

Eaton Corporation, OH
Zachry Corporation, TX
Bridgepoint Health, ON
Algonquin Center for Construction, ON
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