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Merging the traditional elegant look of wood with exceptional sound absorption properties, Decoustics' Rondolo™ micro-perforated panels are an excellent choice for a variety of both ceiling and wall applications. Designed to provide the aesthetics of a solid wood panel the micro perforations virtually disappear at a distance, giving the appearance of a monolithic wood ceiling or wall installation.  

Rondolo™ micro-perforated acoustic wood ceiling and wall panels are custom-engineered to a wide range of unique shapes and sizes, and can be styled to compliment any space.  To meet any specific design requirements  Rondolo™ is available in a variety of wood veneers with clear lacquer finish, custom stains, and solid colors matched to any paint chip.

Rondolo™ is ideal for a host of applications including: office buildings, schools and universities, courthouses, restaurants, banks, theaters and auditoriums, places of worship, airports, hotels, and many others. 

Perforations are a nominal 0.50 mm. Fully engineered product.

Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) values of up to 0.95. Lowest flame spread rating achieving Class A when tested to ASTM E84 standard on finished panels (composite test).

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